5TY-190FD High Efficiency Corn Threshing And Peeling Machine/Corn Sheller

Hot sales corn sheller machine for threshing the corn crop in the farm field




1. Corn sheller machine

2. Suitable for removing the shell of corn crops

3. High efficiency, good cleanliness, low breakage rate

4. Can walking by itself for short distance

5. Production capacity: 25-50T/H


Product Description

1. Corn sheller can drive by itself in short distance. Especially for narrow courtyard where trailers cannot pull the machine.

2. Hinges at the connections between the screens of third and forth layer which makes the screens easy to clean.

3. Integrated rate of corn core is above 85-90%.

4. Breakage rate is lower.

5. Adopt three air duct to blow the ban and impurity during operation which makes the grain more clean.

6. Adopt ‘five slot C type pulley’ to achieve higher efficiency of threshing.

7. Cleaning the ice, soil and snow for twice.

8. Extrusion technology of top gears and hammerhead to enhance the wear resistance strength by 2-3 times.

With big size grain lifting machine to lift around 60T corns per hour.


High Efficiency Corn Threshing And Peeling Machine/Corn Sheller

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Packaging & Shipping

1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door;

2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL;

3. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods;

4. Delivery Time: 7 days for samples; 15-20 days for batch goods;


Payment Terms
1. Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal, L/C;

2. MOQ: 1pc;

3. Warranty : 12 month




Q: Could you please offer more information about the product, and offer a quotation for reference?

A: Yes, sure. Please let us know your detailed request about the machine and we will recommend suitable ones to you for chosen; or we provide some similar items via email for your reference.


Q: The price is a little higher than my target, could you please offer some discount?

A: Yes, we will do our best to meet your budget by calculating the benefit, or changing the components, or by other payment. We can discuss with each other to find out a win-win solution.


Q: May I purchase one sample, or place mix order?

A: Sure, one is acceptable, and you can mix different models as you like.


Q: Shall I need to idle the machine before putting it into use?

A: Yes, please idle the machine for 30mins. If there is no scrape, deviation, or any other abnormal condition, then you can put the machine into use.


Q: Your corn sheller seems too big. How about the transportation?

A: Dont worry. This machine adopts separated type coupling to connect with grain lifting machine. During transportation, you can turn the grain lifting machine parallelly to the corn sheller in order to reduce the height.


Q: Which vehicle shall I choose to load the corn?

A: Any vehicle in the market.


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