4LZ-7 Agricultural Equipment Rice Wheat Combine Harvester

Agricultural Equipment 4LZ-7 Rice Wheat Combine Harvester




1.Equipped with powerful 165HP Name-brand Engine;

2.Enhanced Gear Box, working performance reliable;

3.Lengthened threshing drum with Tangential Flow+Transverse Axial, Threshing separate ability is strong;

4. Adoption of Re-threshed system, the effect of threshing is better;

5. New modle cabin easy to operate, broad vision, driving comfortable;

6. Streanline shape for easy maintenance;

7. Widened cleaning room, higher cleaning efficiency and better effect;

8. 920mm widened conveying axle increase fluent flow of materials and feeding capacity;

9. Increasing grain tank with longer continue operate time, Hydrauli discharge auger convenient to unloading;


Product Description

This model is applied to wheat and rice which can achieve harvesting, threshing, separating and cleaning all at one time. The compact body design makes it more easily handling and convenient operating, which is especially for small and medium farms.

The cutting platform is equipped at the front of the body, which makes inclining T-shape with the threshing body, is applied to cutting and delivering. Hydraulic controlled lifting of the cutting platform and reel enable the operation more reliable. The threshing and cleaning which includes threshing, separating, cleaning and delivering mechanism etc. is applied to threshing, separating, cleaning and delivering the seeds to the storage box, with the terms in strips and chaffed spread to the ground. The 165 HP engine is located at the top of the cleaning room, which offer the drive forces for the walking, hydraulic system and the working mechanism. Chassis and the walking part are the special self-propelled mechanism, which include front and the rear axle, drive wheels, transmission, and the steering wheels.

The cabin includes the operating mechanism and the instrument system which is for the operating and monitoring the working system.


Agricultural Equipment Rice Wheat Combine Harvester


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     Agricultural Equipment Rice Wheat Combine HarvesterAgricultural Equipment Rice Wheat Combine Harvester



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Agricultural Equipment Rice Wheat Combine Harvester

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Agricultural Equipment Rice Wheat Combine Harvester



Q: Could you please offer more information about the product, and offer a quotation for reference?

A: Yes, sure. Please let us know your detailed request about the machine and we will recommend suitable ones to you for chosen; or we provide some similar items via email for your reference.


Q: The price is a little higher than my target, could you please offer some discount?

A: Yes, we will do our best to meet your budget by calculating the benefit, or changing the components, or by other payment. We can discuss with each other to find out a win-win solution.


Q: May I purchase one sample, or place mix order?

A: Sure, one is acceptable, and you can mix different models as you like.


Q: What about the after-sale service?

A: Quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self

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