VRPWCS62 High accuracy ultrasonic deep river water liquid level sensor transmitter for IOT solution

VRPWCS62 ultrasonic water level transmitter

Used in Telemetry Project with Plastic Housing


Product Description

 Our VRPWCS62 water level sensor has the characteristics as following:


The ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle that the energy transducer (the sensor) emits an ultrasonic pulse trainreceives and selects some echoes reflected by the medium surface, converting them into electrical signals.

 High accuracy ultrasonic deep river water liquid level sensor transmitter for IOT solution



Overall dimension & housing size

Dimension 62_副本.png 



 Installation- VRPWCS61-62.png


Wiring Diagram



Application Show

 application field-60s.jpg


data of 6x 2019_副本.png




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